2019 KIA K900 Interior Review

2019 KIA K900 Interior Review

What we have here is the fully redesigned all-new 2019 KIA K900 Interior. Here in Korea, though, it’s known as the 2019 KIA K900 Interior. Compared to the last generation, it is slightly bigger on the inside, as well as the outside.

When it goes on sale this fall, it will start in the mid $50,000 range. At that price, it competes against the likes of the Mercedes E-class and BMW 5 Series. In terms of size, though, it’s comparable to the S-class and 7 series. Similarly equipped, they’ll cost more than twice as much as the 2019 KIA K900 Interior.

2019 KIA K900 Interior review
2019 KIA K900 Interior review

Yesterday I had a chance to drive around a Korean spec K900, and here’s what I thought. Under the hood of this Kia K900 is a 3.3-liter turbocharged V6 that puts out 365 horsepower. If that all sounds familiar, well, it’s the same engine that’s in the Kia Stinger. You also get all-wheel drive standard and an 8-speed automatic transmission. I’m at a red light right now waiting for it to turn green. That’s pretty authoritative right there. Of course, as a luxury sedan, comfort is paramount.

These seats are very comfortable. There’s a ton of adjustments. They’re well-shaped, and they’re ventilated as standard equipment, which is great on this hot and humid day. You also have these selectable drive modes that you pretty much get in any car today. So you have custom modes. You have the comfort mode. That’s the default. And you have the sport mode, which sharpens things up.

One thing I’m noticing as I just hit that button, the side bolsters close in, giving you a little more lateral support. Interesting touch. I don’t know of any other cars that do that. I am feeling a lot of these bumps and ruts and imperfections in the road, obviously, more than you would with an S-class that has a magic suspension and maybe even just a base 7 Series.

2019 KIA K900 Interior
2019 KIA K900

But you know what? Considering the price, it’s really quite good. As far road noise goes, I’m hearing a lot more than I did with the last generation. But that’s not entirely a knock completely against this new K900. The last K900 actually felt rather big and overly soft and not all that confidence-inspiring on a winding road. Visibility is quite good as well. I can see around me just find. This A-pillar is well enough out of my way through left turns. And helping visibility is kind of an adaptation of what Honda has for their LaneWatch system.

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When you hit a turn signal, left or right, a camera image of the left or right side will actually show up in the instrument panel. I’m not a fan of those systems in general. I mean, that’s what mirrors are for anyway, right? And honestly, they teach you in driver training to look over your shoulder to make sure nothing’s there.

On top of that, you also have a blind spot warning system, as well as all the rear cross traffic and other advanced safety features that are pretty much just standard throughout all of the class. As you’d expect, the backseats of the 2019 KIA K900 Interior are as nice as the front seats.

The material’s quality is as good with this lovely matte wood and beige premium leather. I have a sunshade here that’s manual and a power rear sunshade. I have a decent amount of headroom. I’m only 5′ 10″. I have my own climate control back here, as well as ventilated seats and heated seats. This particular K900, I have sort of an executive back seat. One thing I really like that I just discovered, with one press of a button, I go into rest mode. So it reclines at its maximum.

2019 KIA K900 review
2019 KIA K900 review

The front seat folds and slides all the way forward. So I have maximum leg room. And it’s lovely. Now, it doesn’t have the typical executive rear seat package that has the ottoman that folds out and a foot rest, but considering the price, I’m not complaining. On the back of the front seat is an entertainment screen. It’s nice and sharp. And even in this direct sunlight, it’s not washing out. There are plenty of media sources you can connect to as well. And there’s a wireless charging pad back here. Now, because of these powered rear luxury seats, the problem is they won’t fall flat if you need more cargo.

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There is a center pass through for longer objects. But considering how big the trunk is, also not that big of an issue. All things considered, it meets expectations for a premium luxury vehicle that costs twice as much. This all-new K900 is a huge improvement for sure. It drives really well. It handles very sharply. But as a result, the ride’s a little stiff. I’m a big fan of the interior, but honestly, I think the exterior could use a little bit more personality. It is early going at the moment, though.

And the US spec version will definitely have some changes. What won’t change, though, is its value proposition. You get a ton of luxury for the money. So if you happen to have a champagne taste on a soju budget, stick around. We’ll have more information and driving impressions of the US spec model in a few months.

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