Best Mobile Device Stand – Phone and Small Tablets

Best Mobile Device Stand – Phone and Small Tablets

Hey guys, we’re going to check out some of the different mobile device stands that I’ve come across and find out which does the best job, that’s coming up. Recently I’ve been on a quest to find a stand for my phone that would meet all of my needs. I wanted the stand to be strong so that I could use the phone while in the stand, the stand should have rubber feet so that it wouldn’t move around while using the phone in the stand, and ideally the stand should also allow me to charge the phone while in the stand.

In this epic phone stand quest I’ve ended up with a few different types of stands which I’ll cover here, starting from worst to best. I’ll leave links in the post description to each stand if you’re interested in any of them. This first stand was only $1.50 USD from Amazon and is the cheapest stand in this selection, however you really do get what you pay for. I only ordered this stand because it was so cheap and I wanted to test a wide range of phone stands, despite it being obvious that it would not support charging while in the stand. It folds out which is nice but that’s where it ends.

Best Mobile Device Stand - Phone and Small Tablets
Best Mobile Device Stand – Phone and Small Tablets

The whole stand is a cheap feeling plastic and it doesn’t feel like it could withstand very much force before breaking which makes the whole thing feel quite fragile. It was so small and lightweight that it would easily slide around on the desk if you try to use the phone, or even when you put the phone down into the stand it would slide everywhere as there were no rubber feet, just hard plastic that comes into direct contact with the desk. It might be fine to use if you’re just going to sit something in it and rarely touch it, but this stand was definitely not for me.

Next up we have what was until recently my favourite stand, a solid aluminium stand from Efanr. I only don’t use it anymore because I upgraded my phone recently from the HTC Desire HD to the Nexus 6P which changed my requirements slightly as you’ll see.This stand is made out of solid metal so it feels very tough and strong, it won’t bend or break during normal use. It has rubber feet on the bottom so it won’t slide around on the desk which is great because I found I could easily use my phone while it was sitting in the stand without the stand moving around.

Best Mobile Device Stand
Best Mobile Device Stand

This was also great as my old phone had the power button on the top, so I could press down as hard as I wanted to power on the phone without having to worry about the stand moving or breaking. There is some soft padding material in the base of the stand where the phone sits, however there was no padding between where the back of the phone sits against the stand, this is my only downside with this stand. Over time the back of my old phone has been marked and scratched where this happened, so you may want to use a case to protect from this or otherwise try and put something soft over that part of the stand.

I also liked the cable management space found through the middle which leads out to the back so I could charge the phone while it was sitting in the stand when using a shorter than average cable. This stand is also available in different colours, I ended up getting black and silver because I couldn’t decide which I wanted and they were pretty cheap at <$4 USD each. There’s no branding found anywhere and you get a very clean metallic look which I quite like. Finally we have the Cooler Master Jas Mini stand which was the most expensive of these stands featured, and up until recently I didn’t really use it. Now it’s my preferred stand of choice and I’ve recently purchased a couple of extras as I found myself using it all the time for a range of devices.

Best Mobile Device Stand mini
Best Mobile Device Stand mini

I bought my first one from Amazon for about $20 USD, however I picked up the next two from Massdrop for $11 USD each, I’ll leave links to both in the post description. I didn’t previously use the stand because as mentioned my old phone had the power button on the top, and I found that the force required to push this down still moved the Jas Mini stand around on the desk a bit despite the rubber material on the bottom of the legs. Since recently switching over to the Nexus 6P the power button is no longer on the top, so I don’t need to push down from the top anymore.

With the 6P I use the fingerprint scanner to unlock the phone which can be reached while it’s in the Jas Mini stand which is nice. The Jas Mini stand is also taller than the Efanr solid metal stand which is a better fit for my taller 6P, however as the bottom of the phone sits close to the desk so there’s no chance of being able to charge the phone while it’s sitting in the stand vertically. I haven’t had an issue with this as the 6P has much better battery life compared to my old phone so I only need to charge it 1-2 times per week anyway, so this has been an acceptable trade off.

I’m also using the jas mini stand as my phone is still quite new and I don’t want to subject it to resting against a rough solid metal surface like I did with my old phone in the metal Efanr stand, which would damage it over time. The jas mini stand avoids this problem by having soft rubber where the top of the device comes into contact with the stand which protects the phone from touching the rougher metal surface. The stand also folds up for easier storage or portability, and is also available in many different colours. This stand is also good at holding basically anything you throw at it, I’ve been using it in a lot of my other posts to hold and display various items.

Unlike the other stands shown previously, the viewing angle of this stand can also be adjusted by moving the feet in or out. There’s some subtle Cooler Master branding on the back which I don’t mind as it’s out of the way so you still get that clean look. While these stands will mostly work with small tablets, they are primarily designed for phones. I’ve found the cooler master jas mini stand to also work the best out of these options for small tablets as it’s taller, allowing better support for larger devices, however for this purpose you would be better served looking into a dedicated tablet stand.

I picked up the Arkon Folding Tablet Stand from Amazon for about $13 USD and it does a much better job of supporting my 10” tablet, it’s also very adjustable and features soft materials where the stand comes into contact with the tablet which is nice. So which stand did you guys think stood up the best (no pun intended)? Let me know down in the comments and please, let me know what stand you’re using for your mobile devices, phone or tablet, I’m still interested in finding the perfect stand for displaying and using my mobile devices but it seems hard to find a perfect solution.

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