Cooler Master Jas Mini Stand Unboxing And Review

Hey guys, we’re going to check out the Jas Mini mobile device stand by Cooler Master! The packaging is pretty straight forward, all you get is the stand inside some plastic. It does say that it’s for the iPhone or iPad however you can definitely use this stand for many different devices.

The Cooler Master Jas Mini stand is my current preferred stand, which is why I have since bought extras as I’ve found myself using them for a range of devices. It’s available in a range of different colours, I have the silver one here in this post. I bought my first one from Amazon for about $20 USD, however I picked up the next two from Massdrop for just $11 USD each, I’ll leave links to both in the post description.

Cooler Master Jas Mini Stand
Cooler Master Jas Mini Stand

Primarily I’ve been using the stand with my Nexus 6P, it works well as the fingerprint scanner is not obscured by the stand so I can use the phone while in the stand without any problems. This is helped by the rubber feet on the bottom of the stand which reduces unwanted movement while using the phone as it rests in the stand. There’s some more rubber along the top where the top of the phone comes into contact with the stand.

This helps protect the phone from rubbing directly against the rougher metal surface of the stand. Unfortunately as the bottom of the phone sits so close to the desk while in the stand there’s no option to charge the phone while it’s sitting in the stand, assuming your charging port is at the bottom of the device, unless you turn it upside down or something like that.

There’s some subtle Cooler Master branding on the back down the bottom, which I don’t mind as it’s out of the way so you still get a nice clean look. The stand is adjustable by moving the feet in or out, allowing you to easily change the viewing angle. The stand can fold down all the way until it’s completely flat which makes storing very easy.

Cooler Master Jas Mini Stand mini
Cooler Master Jas Mini Stand mini

You don’t even have to just use a phone, the stand is capable of holding and displaying a lot of different things as well. I’ve used it in many of my previous videos to hold different items without any problem, even small tablets. So that’s all there is to it, the Cooler Master Jas mini is a simple stand yet very functional and looks great in my opinion.

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