Features of Oneplus 6 special?

Features of Oneplus 6 special?

So you knew the Oneplus 6 was coming and you probably knew it had a notch in the display But what makes Oneplus 6 special what makes the Oneplus 6 different from every or the phone that Oneplus has ever made?

The big thing is the materials. So for the past two years Oneplus is making phones with aluminum material So aluminum backs very premium looking phones, but very generic looking phones almost boring this year The Oneplus 6 has been made with the Gorilla Glass 5 front and back.

Oneplus 6
Oneplus 6

There’s three variants There’s a mirror black midnight black and a silk white The mirror black is actually designed to look like a ceramic material but without the weight so glass backed phones like the current iPhone 10 and the Samsung s9 have a very obvious kind of glass surface to the back of It and it looks good You’ve seen it a thousand times, but it does look good ceramic phones have a distinctly different.

Look to the material It’s still a glossy finish, but there’s a certain way that the light reflects on Ceramic phones and the mirror black finish on the Oneplus 6 has that look and they’ve done it by putting this film underneath the Gorilla Glass 5 so it just gives it this distinctly different looking reflection It’s really hard to describe and maybe even difficult to capture in video, but it looks really unique in person the midnight black is the second color option on the Oneplus 6 and it uses this acid etched glass and basically they’re using a Corrosion process on the Gorilla Glass 5 to give it a fantastic texture.

It’s this smooth satin finish to the glass It’s very similar in feel to the track pads on a Macbook Pro It’s just it’s got that silky smooth finish to it It hides fingerprints better than your average glass or aluminum finish if you just look at it, though It doesn’t look different aesthetically, but when you touch it, it feels phenomenal It’s kind of weird to feel the phone that has this kind of texture to it now, aesthetically I think that the mirror black finish looks more standout it is a distinctly different look But if you’re looking for like a tactile experience that’s different from most other phones out there The midnight black now the third color optionally have is a silk white So it’s a white colored back with a rose gold finish for the metal frame the white material has this Pearlescent look to the finish.

It is a limited edition, and it’s not available yet so if you want a white phone at launch It probably gonna have to put a skin on it the white marble skin looks really good on the Oneplus 6 Okay, the screen it has a notch, but I don’t feel as bothered by this notch as I do from other phones for one I feel like I kind of expected it Oneplus was showing pictures of this notch for quite a while and I feel like they incepted My brain to just be more accepting of this notch But the big reason is that the top and bottom bezels are thin and if they’re trying to maximize screen real estate here I understand why they’re using a notch in 2018 You can hide it the software has a setting to make it less pronounced and because it’s an AMOLED panel It does a pretty good job at masking it out.

Oneplus 6 Camera
Oneplus 6 Camera

It’s still a 1080p panel, but it’s a very nice-looking display It’s a large display six point two eight inches it’s noticeably bigger than the Oneplus 5t screen, but the device itself is essentially the same size the Cameras been updated obviously and this year they’ve brought back optical image stabilization Something that I felt like they were missing from the Oneplus 5 and the 5t because OIS helps with everything especially for low-light photos Now I haven’t spent a lot of time on this camera yet I’ll be doing a more in-depth look at this camera in a future video.

Android P Beta now available for public testing

Ok lastly software This thing’s shipping with Android 8.1 and it obviously has their oxygen OS on it it’s carrying over the gestures that we see in the current 5 T software and it’s still pretty early stages in the implementation but Navigation is really easy to get used to you swipe up to go home and then the back buttons are triggered with sliding up from The side it sounds weird But it’s really easy to get used to and the idea here like the notch is to maximize your screen real estate All the other classic Oneplus goodness is still here You get the fastest Snapdragon processor the 845, so it’s going to be faster and more energy efficient You get your dash charging.

So that’s a full day of power in 30 minutes You get that super fast face unlock which is still weird to me as to how fast it is compared to other flagships and You get the dual SIM you get the Oneplus alert slider, which is a little bit different this year. It’s on the right side So if you’re a Oneplus veteran It might take a little bit of time to get used to because it’s always been on the left side this year It’s on the right side and I actually prefer it on the right side because that’s where your thumb is right when you just kind Of flick the switch up and down Instead of using your index from before you’re now able to use your thumb which I like you also get your headphone jack Which is important for a lot of the Oneplus fans, I didn’t think they would remove it But it’s just nice to see that it still there.

OnePlus 5T Review

Now the pricing on this thing starts at five hundred and thirty dollars So that’s for the base model with six gigs of RAM and 64 gigs of storage The pricing is a little bit more than expected at the bottom end I don’t think Oneplus is playing in that budget League anymore at the putting on that mid tier League So they also announced bullets wireless headphones.

So these are just wireless headphones that are charged by USB-C So that’s something that I was actually pretty excited about they’re difficult to find wireless headphones that are USB-C charged and it uses a magnet or rather a pair of magnets in the buds and also comes with A rubber case with different sizing options and stuff But when you pair it with a Oneplus 5 or Oneplus 6, the magnetic action will actually pause or unpause music It’s actually pretty cool so years ago when Oneplus first launched they had this $300 smartphone that was really inexpensive that a lot of people liked but over the years of price has gone up and I think one of the complaints that a lot of people have had is that It’s no longer a budget and phone but I think that’s the point So they’ve always had like high-end specs with really good performance but this is the first year that they’ve made something that was really premium looking as well some that looked just different from your average $500 smartphone particularly the mirror-black that ceramic finish looks phenomenal so if you’re looking for a phone that’s in this price range that looks and performs like one of the big flag ships you should Check out the Oneplus 6.

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