Guide Fix Nvidia Driver Issues, Nvidia Crashing

Guide Fix Nvidia Driver Issues, Nvidia Crashing

Guide Fix Nvidia Driver Issues, Nvidia Crashing. Welcome back, and today we gonna be show you a quick little way to fix Nvidia graphics driver issues. It may be simple but very effective as far as my experience is concerned it can be a fix for the majority of graphics driver issues. So let’s start.

First, you gonna wanna go to this website and download this tool, it’s totally free and there is nothing much to worry about. , it’s called Display driver uninstaller or DDU, it can remove your graphics drivers completely without leaving a single file behind, and that’s what we looking for, and once we performed that complete uninstalling process I will show you how to get the right driver for your card from the official source.

The process may sound small but believe me, it can fix your problem! And that’s the point Once you are on the website scroll down and click one of these links, and the download will be started automatically. It’s just a 1.06 MB file and once it downloaded go to the download location.

Guide Fix Nvidia Driver Issues
Guide Fix Nvidia Driver Issues

As you can see it’s a zip file so we need to extract it. To extract just right click on the zip file, now choose extract here. Now you need to go to the DDU file> Right click > then choose extract here again.

This time you will see a new folder called DDU, and you will find the Display driver unistaller.exe inside, it’s a portable tool so you don’t have to install in order to use it, So we are ready to start the process. But Before that, you need to boot your Windows 10 into the safe mode for the best possible result.

If you are using an older version of windows you can just Google “how to boot to safe mode in that particular windows version”. Hope you are all using windows 10 at this point so let’s proceed to windows 10 safe mode.

Go to start, and click on the settings gear icon, it will open the windows settings, now navigate to Update & security > Recovery, Now click on restart now under the Advanced Startup. Now you will see these options, so navigate to Troubleshoot > Advanced options, now click on see more recovery options, and choose startup settings option and click on restart.

Now wait until it restarts and once it does you will see these options, so hit number 4 on your keyboard which will enable the Safe mode. And it will bring you to the windows 10 safe mode within no time, put on your password and login to the computer. and once you does that, you can go to the download location of the DDU or Display Driver Uninstaller. And run the Display Driver Uninstaller.exe, now it will open this window.

As you can see it’s already detected my graphics card and auto selected the Nvidia option here, any way I suggest you make sure that you are selected the Nvidia option from here to ensure a proper removal, once you does that it just a matter of clicking this clean and restart button, it is the only and best option to remove the graphics driver completely from your computer without any left over, so go ahead and click on it.

clicking this clean and restart button
clicking this clean and restart button

Now it will restart the computer automatically from the safe mode to your regular windows. So Log in back to your computer, and of course you will not see you display that please as before, because it removed the graphics driver completely.

Now we need to get the latest Nvidia Graphics drivers for your particular graphics card, and once it’s installed hope it will fix the issue. So let me walk you through. There are two ways to get drivers for Nvidia.

If you know your graphics card model or details, then you can go to this page and choose Type, Series, Product of your graphics card, Now choose an Operating System, and finally the language, Now it will find the latest drivers for your particular Graphics Card, So click on download.

the latest drivers for your particular Graphics Card
the latest drivers for your particular Graphics Card

If you don’t know then there is an even easier way, Just go to this webpage and it will scan your system hardware and it can find which Nvidia card you are using automatically. Once it finished it will show you the download button which will allow you to download the latest driver for your Nvidia Graphics card.

I have links for both of these web pages in the post description so feel free to use it. Once you downloaded the driver install it by following the on-screen instruction, and once it’ finished restart your pc.

Now hope your problem is fixed. If it helped you let me know in the comments below, I would be glad to hear you.

Post description – Link download:

#1. DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller:

#2. Nvidia Driver Download:

#3. Nvidia Driver Auto Detect:

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