Samsung 850 EVO 1TB SSD Review

Samsung 850 EVO 1TB SSD Review

Samsung 850 EVO 1TB SSD Review. We’re going to have a look at the 1TB Samsung 850 EVO SATA 3 SSD. We’ll perform some benchmarks on it and see how it performs and find out if it’s something you should consider getting for the money.

Inside the box we have the SSD itself, as well as an installation guide, warranty information, and driver CD. Installation is fairly straightforward, simply plug in SATA cables for power and data, and then connect these to your motherboard. Note that no cables were included with the drive, so you’ll have to get these elsewhere. It’s a standard 2.5 inch disk which most cases these days have mounting support for.

Samsung claim that the SSD can do up to 540MB/s of sequential reads, and 520MB/s of sequential writes with up to 98K and 90K IOPS respectively. As you can see here, in my tests with Crystal Disk Mark I got very close to these speeds. While I have the 1TB version here in this video, you can also buy it in 120GB, 250GB, 500GB, 2TB and even 4TB versions, so there are quite a lot of options available.

I bought this drive to use in my server build, basically I wanted a large space with decent speeds to run virtual machines off of. I don’t need insanely crazy speeds for this, so no need for NVMe or anything like that here. There are cheaper 1TB SSDs available, however I paid a little more to stick with Samsung as they are a fairly reputable brand, and I’ve used other Samsung SSD’s for some time with no issues.

I’m happy to pay a little extra for something that I trust, losing data really is the worst, and I didn’t want to risk buying something unknown. I’ve had no issues at all while running multiple VMs on the server off of this disk, everything works great and overall I’m happy with the SSD.

So what do you guys think about the Samsung 850 EVO SATA 3 SSD? The speeds are nothing crazy which is to be expected as I got one of the lower end models available, these are the sort of speeds that you’d expect from a SATA 3 based SSD, so no issues there. If you’re after higher speeds you should checkout the PRO range or the NVME M.2 versions which perform a lot better.

Those cost more money though, and I was after a large amount of disk space to run virtual machines on without breaking the bank. For a price of around $330 USD at the time of recording I think that this SSD has some good value to offer.

SAMSUNG 1TB 850 EVO SSD 1T ATA III 2.5″ 6Gb/s 540/520MB/s MZ-75E1T0B

Condition: New

Brand: Samsung


Form Factor: 2.5″


Identity : 519783000321142

  • Warranty
  • Limited Warranty period (parts): 3 years
  • Limited Warranty period (labor): 3 years

Price: $472.89

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Louise Martin

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