What is Lepen Coin? How to buy Lepen coin?

What is Lepen Coin? How to buy Lepen coin?

What is Lepen Coin? How to buy Lepen coin? LePen is a free open source project derived from Bitcoin. LePen has a rapidly changing Proof of Work and Proof of Stake system, and it’s first goal is to test an evolving POS system and observe it’s effects on the blockchain and in the altcoin marketplace.

LePen is built on the foundation of Bitcoin, PPCoin, Novacoin, and BitcoinDark, with a modified POS system. How to exchange lepen coin? Whilst Marine LePen is campaigning to become President, the prime directive of LePen Coin is to be a campaign donation project. 2,000,000 LePen Coins have been set aside (LePen Fund) for this specific purpose. What this means is the higher the value LePen Coin becomes the more Euro value the LePen Campaign Fund becomes. Its really quite simple: The more LePen Coins sold the higher the coins value will increase.

Lepen coin
Lepen coin

If we consider at one point the Ron Paul coin was valued at $10 per coin then those 2,000,000 LePEn Coins could turn in to a substantial donation. If Marine Le Pen acknowledged the project then the value of a single LePen Coin could literally go ballistic. However, we cannot rely on this  so therefor its up to us LePen Supporters to make sure we donate to her campaign helping to send her directly to Palais de l’Élysée. 

Lepen coin Founder
Lepen coin Founder

Short: LePen

Algorithm SHA256

RPC Port: 45001 P2P Port: 45010

30 Seconds Per Block 100 Blocks to Confirm 20MB Blocksize

Block Reward Schedule – Proof of Work Phase

Block 1 to 100 100 LePen

Block 101 to 700 300 LePen

Block 701 to 1000 250 LePen

Block 1001 to 1600 200 LePen

Block 1601 to 2200 150 LePen

Block 2201 to 2800 100 LePen

Block 2801 to 3400 50 LePen

Proof of Work rejected after block 3400

Total approx potential coins from POW: 565,000, lower with mixed POS at block 2700. 3 days mining.

Block Reward Schedule – Dynamic Proof of Stake Phase

Block 2700 to 4000 10 LePen

Block 4001 to 6600 20 LePen

Block 6600 to 6700 100 LePen

Block 6701 to 8500 15 LePen

Block 8501 to 10000 50 LePen

Block 10001 to 20000 10 LePen

Block 20001 to 21000 50 LePen

Dynamic POS last approx one month. End Block 21,000

Total Approx Coins from first month of Dynamic POS: 392,000

Total Approx Total Coins 950k

Exchange Lepen Coin?

Lepen coin has been exchanged on: YoBit by Bitcoin

Specification Lepen Coin

Algorithm: SHA256 Proof of Stake (POS)
Staking reward 5% annually
10.000 POW blocks after that full POS
totall supply from POW LEPEN

Roadmap Repen coin

* get Marine LePen to acknowledge LePen Coin
* android wallet
* iOS wallet
* Mac Wallet
* Multipool Paying in LePen

Source code Lepen Coin


Wallet Lepen coin



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